Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crossing the Bridge & Flying Away

After crossing the bridge to Ocean Isle last Sunday, I have tried diligently to stay one step ahead of the contractors, but haven't always been successful.  They move like greased lightening, working on the clock, but always aware of the time spent on the job.  What a wonderful crew!  WB Properties in Calabash, NC is doing the work - here is a link to their website:

 We are so lucky to have them living next door to us!

Here's what our open plan living area in our beach cottage looked like before they arrived on Wednesday:

Check out the Parson's Chairs by B&R Upholstery, and the refinished (last year) floors by WB Properties.

And, here is what it looks like now:

Orderly Chaos.  Husband isn't happy, but there is a plan here.  Don't worry, they will refinish the floors again after everything is done.

You can see that everything is a mess, but moving on to something newer, fresher, and better.  Here is a shot of my old pantry space, which will be the new refrigerator space:

This was my pantry until two weeks ago!
 This used to be where my sushi rice, seaweed, sesame seeds, and nori hung out.  I can't wait for it to be my new refrigerator space, and for my new contiguous counter space to be installed in the old 'fridge space by the stove.

This isn't easy, but a necessary job to keep our 28-year-old island home in a livable condition.  What with hurricanes and winter storms, there is a lot of damage to unseen areas...not to mention that after 28 years, WE NEED NEW STUFF!  And yes, the Lime Green walls are going away.

Meantime, I shipped out several Mitzi Cornelius bags from the Shallotte UPS shipping center, and am basking in the glow of satisfied clients.  Emails, phone calls, and mountains of Thanks have absolutely been the highlight of this difficult week.  Thanks so much to all of you new bag owners! 

So, now, I want to talk about Flying Away.  Since around 2007, one of my original "Ladies of Tideline", Jan Caudill, has been battling a recurrence of cancer with all the gusto a woman can muster.  She helped us set the original store in the Spring of 2005, and gave us the huge smiles that you just need at any moment of the day.  Soft spoken, but with the most mischievous twinkle,  she donned crazy hats and flamboyant  scarves and pins with the most amazing, comfortable sense of style I've ever seen.  When she agreed with you, she would ponder the point and then give this breathy "Yeaaah", like it came from her toes.  And you didn't get that unless she agreed.  She traded cars with abandon - after choosing one and driving it for a few days, if she didn't like it she would take it back, and somehow, drive off with a new one.  Immensely spiritual,  she always responded to comments about God with a chuckle or intense look into your eyes, letting you know without words that she walked hand-in-hand with Him.  She knew Him.

And yesterday, around 4:30 in the afternoon, she left this earth to walk the Heavens forever.  Godspeed, Miss Jan.  We love you.  We will miss your presence, and your flair for life.  You will make a stir amongst the Angels with your hats, pins, and scarves and zippy cars, but they will be the better for it.  Godspeed.

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M said...

How will I know where we are when we come to visit next?! I'm excited but nervous-- I feel like I kinda grew up in that place!


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