Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New York Style

Back from New York, and sooo much to tell you!  We hit the ground running on Sunday afternoon, and landed right in the middle of the Hell's Kitchen 9th Avenue Food Festival, a delightful intro that really showed the neighborhood NYC Style that I love so much.  There was Opera on the street:

And lots of pets who were very happy to be at the Festival with their Humans:

Waiting to score snacks.

Clearly an Opera lover - she cocked her head on high notes, and closed her eyes in pleasure.

A little shy, but her Human was very protective...
Our favorite of the day was the DJ who was selling CD's from his booth, but had the crowd rocking with him all afternoon - I've never seen such a diverse group of people spontaneously jump into a street dance!

He's the one in the green shirt - and he was GOOD.   

 I did some shopping, of course-

And then it was time to browse some of the neighborhood grocery stores - I wish I could get my food here; it is all so fresh, so beautifully presented.  So lucky, you New York people!

An amazing array of Olive Oils, and this was only one wall!
Hundreds of Cheeses, stacked so pretty.

And, of course, the standard New York Deli buffet that we dove into:

This is only one row of offerings...there were four separate aisles of food, from cold to hot. Yummy!
 After a hot shower and fresh clothes, we headed out to Sushi Samba on Park, and reveled in Fusion Sushi, New York style! 

Now I know where Chef Mark at Shallotte Cattle Barn got his inspiration for the Cattle Barn Roll!
Sublime.  Happy Campers.  Next post: Surtex and the National Stationery Show!

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