Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fabric Shenanigans

     Mr. Piggy has languished on the bench as we have enjoyed a tremendous spike in business at the fabric store; today is my first chance to get back to him and finish him off so he can be a part of the party at Tideline Fabrics & HOme Decor (My fabric store!).

     My original plan was to let him be a natural kind of guy, hanging out in the nude to show off his piggy flanks and belly, but now I'm considering whether that is the proper thing to do...after all, one simply loves getting dressed up for parties!

     Here are the fabrics I'm considering for his attire...
     If I have these put into a brick repeat by Spoonflower Fabrics, he would be very beachy!  What do you think?  Seahorse or starfish?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mr. Piggy Gets Fine Tuned

Okay, I promised a photo of Mr. Piggy on the workbench, so here he is:
 He's almost ready to fly...I just need to add some jowls to his face to fatten him up.  This new papier mache mix I'm using is really amazingly easy to build with.   It's just like clay!

The recipe needs to get written down before I forget what I did - 
  • Soak cheap newsprint with Clorox until it gets soft.
  • Grind up in blender until it is mush, drain well.
  • Add white glue, linseed oil, drywall mud and stucco mix - I'm using a Sto product. 
  • Store in covered container in a cool spot.  That's it!
I made a wire armature out of expanded metal, and went at it with a spatula until I got to the tight places, then I used the back of a spoon.  Pretty cool.

After his bigger cheeks dry (they won't get put on until tomorrow night), I'll sand him down and paint him.  Maybe with a bathing suit, since it is so darn hot!

Tomorrow I'm back at Tideline REAL job!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here Goes Lula Belle!

Taking a deep breath and opening the doors of my studio for the first time - welcome to my studio!  Here is where all the creative demons flourish and whiz around, bouncing off walls and generally trashing the concept of neatness.

Lula Belle Tassels, Lula Belle Satchels, Mitzi Cornelius Handbags, Stationery, Custom Fabric and a whole bucket load of other things the world never sees get mooshed around in  here, and I promise to let you in on the fun.  

Right now, I'm secretly working on a recycled newspaper stucco mix that can be used and worked just like wet clay - it's sort of papier mache, sort of mud pies.  When it dries, you can sand it down and paint it, or leave it alone and let it look like stone.  I'm thinking that I'll use some of my fabric designs to decoupage onto this life sized pig (really!) I'm building, just for kicks.  I'm supposed to be finishing up my presentation of custom fabric botanical prints for perusal by Paragon Art, but just can't keep my hands off this pig.

Since this is my first post, I'm not ready with photos yet, but I will get some posted this weekend.  Right now, I'm just learning how to use this blogspot!


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