Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weight Loss, Your New Body, and Fajas

See This?

And This?

And Her?

What all these images have in common, besides hair extensions and gorgeous good looks are Fajas.

In case you don't already know, a Faja is a support garment that was initially manufactured and worn after liposuction or other plastic surgery in South America - potentially the plastic surgery capital of the world.   According to the NY Times this morning, Fajas have started creeping out of South America and are becoming explosively popular in America, especially among Latino women.  And Caucasian women.  And Asian women.  And so on.  One of the major manufacturers out of Columbia said their exports increased 47% last year.

Why am I showing you this?  Because, when you loose weight rather rapidly, and you are over ...ahem... 50, let's say, you are left with loose skin.  Especially in your tummy region.  So while you are doing your sit-ups every morning, and walking Every Day to tighten and tone your New Body, you may be getting impatient with how your previously stretched skin isn't snapping back quickly enough for you.

Enter the Faja.

A Faja is like Spanx on steriods.  Take a look at this one, recommended for after pregnancy:

It includes a derriere enhancer, so you can look like J Lo.  You have to source out the hair extensions yourself...I hear they are very uncomfortable to install.

In case you want to shop around, here is a link to a Faja Boutique in Miami...

Happy Shopping!  They have a sale running right now, and I may run into you there...

All photos, except for Jennifer Lopez, came from their website.


snowwhite said...

A Faja sounds a magical garment for a woman like me, but don’t you think a Faja is too tight to wear it all day long? About 15 years ago, I went on a diet. To make sure it successful, I bought two size smaller expensive jeans before starting. I lost 8kgs but I could not wear it. I suppose I got the same weight when I was young but I could not get back the same shape of the body. Always loose skin is big problem! Each of models seems to have a gorgeous body from the beginning without a support garment. I envy them.
Have a great week!

Linda McMullan said...

Keiko, I DO think that wearing this garment, even for one hour, would be hard to do. Some of the articles I read on Fajas quoted women who admitted to extreme discomfort the first few days, but said they got used to it. I don't think I have the stamina for that!

When I was young, girls were taught to wear a girdle under their clothing to keep everything "in place". Perhaps that is the route to go back to. Meantime, I will continue my situps!


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