Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Surtex 2012 and The National Stationery Show - Without Me

Last year, I went to New York and walked the Surtex 2011 Show.  Along with the National Stationery Show, which runs concurrently, all in the Javits Center.  I so wanted to get into the Surface Design business, and knew that if I was going to do it, Surtex may be the best way to get myself on the radar screen. 

This enormous surface design Trade Show is almost overwhelming in visual texture and artistic talent.  After deciding that not only was I not ready to exhibit my surface designs amongst such power, I also decided at the last minute that I wasn't going to go walk the 2012 show either.  I simply needed to sit down and get back to work.

So I did.

I knew that the best way to put myself into the real world of surface design was to start submitting artwork again, and turn up the pressure by entering design contests with deadlines and rules - like predetermined palettes and subject matter.  The best place to do that is at Spoonflower - they work very hard on their weekly contests.

My Groovy Kitchen Collection, shown above, came from a Palette Restricted competition with a subject matter of Retro, Kitchen Related.  Didn't take long to figure out the palette we were given was from the 1970's...almost straight out of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party opening banners!

Here's another new collection that sprang from the subject matter of Motorcycles - which had to be included or be the starting point of the design:

I was a little worried by the palette I had selected, until I opened one of my favorite blogs this morning - The Adventures of Tartanscot, written by Scott Meacham Wood, and saw these images:

So there you go.  I'm remembering now that when you are in your studio, you have to jump into a swiftly moving river and not fight the current.  Once you do that, you wind up at a place not even on the map.

Which is Exactly Where I Want To Be!

I'm off to do my sit-ups.  Have a Lovely Day...

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