Saturday, October 30, 2010

Now We Are Cookin'

Okay, I figured it out.  Had to check a box on my settings!  Now I'm off to early bed, in order to be up before the sun to finish hanging pictures and then move over to the house next door to clean and freshen for the big party!

No Blog List?

Well, I guess I DIDN'T figure out how to list the blogs I'm following!  So, here are a few:
Marmite lover
The Washerwoman
Sheep and Chick
Suzy's Vintage Attic
Textile Treasure Seeker
   All are at

Cowgirls, Cleaning, and Blogging

I've spent the better part of the day cleaning like crazy and wrestling two window treatments up on the windows in my upstairs, in anticipation of all folks who are coming into town for my Mother-In-Law's 90th Birthday Bash.  I felt like a dingle-bunny as I dashed down to the basement two dozen times to retrieve the tools actually needed to properly hang a window treatment.  My legs are tired.

Everytime I needed a time-out to rest, I would return to the computer to roam through a few of my favorite blogs, and finally figured out how to post them on my "Blog List".  You should check these blogs out if you love textiles, food and gorgeous photos.

And then I started combing through my artwork to see what I could find to adorn the newly cleaned and still-being-decorated bedrooms, and somehow, the cowgirls just look perfect in there with all those fishy motifs.  That would be the Cowgirl Canvases/Pillows that I showed at the Atlanta Market in January.

That led me to search out the Cow Tassel to see if she would fit anywhere in the scheme.  Don't tell her, but I don't think she's going to make the cut.  Wrong color dress.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Market Basket goes to Australia

I've been conversing (emailing!) with a very nice lady from Australia, who tracked me down from a photo of a French Market Basket she found online.  We haven't done those in years, but the warehouse has some - partially finished - lingering on the shelves, slumbering in their protective covers.  

She pleaded for the one with the horse on it - she's an equestrian, and simply HAD TO HAVE IT.   So I whipped up a liner/bag on Sunday, popped it into the one remaining equestrian basket, and here is the finished product on my workbench, getting ready for it's long trip to Australia.
Now I am psyched to get the rest of the Market Baskets down from their shelves and finish them off!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mitzi Cornelius Wakes Up From Her Long Nap

So.  Last weekend, after almost two years of tiptoeing around all the mitzi Cornelius parts stored in my studio, slumbering in what was an increasingly restless Nap, I gently woke them up.
On Saturday, we just got to know one another again, as they stretched and yawned, and grumbled a  bit about how long I'd left them in bed.
By Sunday, we were dancing, and very chummy again.  Here are the first ladies out of the dressing rooms:


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