Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Up In My Attic!

While my fabric pieces are drying, I thought I would show you my new(old) digs.  Here is my backyard with the creek running through it...


And, here is the back of my house...


Being Spring and all, of course we have Robin Red Breast and all his clan...

It rained all night last night, along with thunder and lightening, so it was cozy sleeping, and this morning I had these views out of my new Graphic/Office/Studio window...


And this is the view from my desk:


So that is the tour for today - I'm off to check the dryer, and to figure out how to link to the binding tutorial that I'm going to use for my project!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cranking the Engines

So, now it's time to work!  This is what I've been doing since coming to Atlanta...cleaning out six years of neglect, mold, mildew, dust and -UGH!- rat and squirrel poop from my poor house.

Here's a before shot of the graphics and sewing side of my workroom/studio on March 3:

Pretty awful.  Just open the door and throw it in for years while I tended to the store in North Carolina.  After a couple of day's work, this is what it looked like:

Getting better!  So, today, after spending ALL DAY yesterday cleaning up the new office area I will be using for the graphics and computer work, I decided to crank my creative engines and get started on some multi-panel table runners:

I'm going to make these quilted runners about 90" long and they'll finish out at about 14" wide.  Now that they're all cut, I'm going to put them in the washer for a few minutes to take the sizing out.  After they've dried, I'll start sewing them together and figuring out what to use for the backs.  And the binding!  I have to find enough fabric to be able to cut it on the bias without buying any more fabric.  That's the rule.  I just sold a fabric store, for crying out loud!                                


Friday, March 25, 2011

Life Does Go On

It has been a month since my husband's surgery - the doc says all the cancer was contained in one area, and no further treatment is necessary.  I guess that good old Guardian Angel includes my loved ones, too.  Thanks, dude!

I could (and probably should) write a book now on the immediate aftercare of a man who has undergone prostate removal.  Just to give everyone a Head's Up if you are facing this situation any time soon - take your pajamas to the hospital when you check in for his surgery, and be prepared to set up camp in his room.  During the surgery, don't sit in the hospital - give all the attendants your cell phone number, then go find some peace and comfort for three to four hours while he is in their hands.  You will need your reserves so that you can be alert every second of the first night to support and comfort your man.  The nurses will check on him periodically, but you need to be there every second for the next 48 hours.  Just sayin'.

We are in Atlanta now, and loving it.  There is a beautiful Spring going on over here that just doesn't happen at the beach...on the island, there's no verdant grass, no tender blossoms, and no sunny corners to curl up in out of the still-chilly breeze.  The island has its own charms in the Spring, but I guess I'm just a woodsy kind of girl, and love the smell of all the trees and vines waking up, stretching, and shaking off the Winter.

Yesterday, my husband called me to look out at an abandoned flower bed that is overgrown with ivy now (so much to do!) to show me a single tulip that had arisen and bloomed 12 years after being planted, just at this particular time.  He remarked that if you were Japanese, you would probably place deep spiritual significance to that bloom; you would probably translate that as a sign that life would go on.

I'm thinking he's about right.



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