Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Weight Loss Lesson from Guy Fieri

I am secretly in love with Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  In the past few days, he's taught me a personal, private, and invaluable lesson on Weight Loss.

It's pretty simple, really, and I don't know why I didn't think of it before...

Stop Eating Out and You Will Loose Weight.

That's it.

Now.  Here is why I know this is absolute fact.

For ten days, I have been immobilized with a severe flare-up of arthritis.  My immune system has been so busy eating up all of my connective tissue that all I've had the energy to do is sleep and eat.  No exercise - unless you can call taking a shower exercise.  I haven't  cut back on eating (you have to have some pleasure in the middle of all that agony) but at the end of ten motionless days, I have lost three pounds.  I was puzzled about this until I sat down last night to watch the Triple D show for the Thousandth Episode.

See, Guy Fieri goes into the kitchens of favorite diners and takes his cameras and film crew with him to record how they make all that delicious food.  And THAT'S where the
mystery is solved.

I know this image from the restaurant Pine State Biscuits via Noble Pig is a little over the top but the point is, there is an amazing amount of fat and salt in restaurant food.  Just watch any episode of Triple D and you will see the ingredients going into the restaurant pot.  Lots of salt, always.  Lots of butter/lard/oil, always.  Doesn't matter what they are cooking,  those two ingredients are always there...Because They Taste Good!

When you eat at home for 10 days, and steam or lightly sautee everything you cook, there are no extra calories, no extra salt.  No restaurant sneaky yummy tricks to fatten you up.  

So there is a new trick on your weight loss plan - simply eat at home more often.  Isn't that easy?  You will save money and loose weight at the same time!

Sigh...that gravy sure does look good....


Helen said...

You are so right.

Helen said...

You are so right.

Linda McMullan said...

Helen, so good to hear from you! I don't know how I never really noticed what they were putting in that pot, except that maybe I was just oogling Guy and hoping for another one of those cheeky grins...

M said...

I love you, so I won't judge you for that Guy Fieri thing, but please don't tell me you like Bobby Flay ;)

My biggest problem is that I adore salt. Maybe I don't put as much in my food at home, but it verges on it! I actually have to cook, then separate, then put salt in because nobody else can eat my food! Thank you MiMaw Casey! (speaking of our earlier genetic conversation lol)

Richard Cottrell said...

This coming from a man that is on TV 24 hours a day promoting the worse food habits for any one. God love him. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Linda McMullan said...

Meg, I know, I know, about Guy. But he is just so darned outrageous with his big old self that I can't help but come back for more. As for Bobby Flay...I never really got over him jumping up on his cooking station after winning Iron Chef in Japan. Some things you just can't forget. And put down that salt shaker, girl! Squeeze a fresh lemon on your food - it tastes salty and will help you cut down.
Love you, too.

snowwhite said...

I am so sorry to hear your health condition. I do hope everything about you is OK now.

I agree with him more than 100 %!!!
Me neither! I had never thought about this!!It is something like "The scales fell from my eyes." Maybe this is a Japanese expression??

When I eat food outside, I feel always food in restaurants has more mouth-jarring taste and stronger flavor than food at home. Addictive taste? But, I think food, which is cooked with more salt or fat, has been apt to loose their authentic taste.

Linda, recently I have been using a freezer more. When I cook food, I cook more than need. And I freeze the excessive portion in a freezer. I go to a restaurant to enjoy atmosphere or just I don't have enough time to cook meal But, with home-made frozen food, I can prepare meal within 30 minutes.
Thanks a lot, as you let me know "steaming vegetables". I am steaming veg. I think once we get used to lean meal, body won't want to have fat.
I love your words "You will save money and loose weight at the same time!" What an excellent way!
Linda, take care!Endurance makes us stronger.

Linda McMullan said...

Keiko, how perfect to say the "scales fell from my eyes"! Here we say "my eyes were opened"...not as descriptive of the event as your way.

I sometimes prepare meals ahead and freeze them, but not as diligently as I should. Home made always tastes better, and it is more healthy - not to mention less expensive! I'm so happy to hear you are steaming veggies now - seafood is also good steamed, especially salmon, eel, and firm white flesh fish.

Thank you for your concern - I am slowly better every day! And I agree, endurance does make us strong!

M said...

Oh, there's plenty of citrus in there, too believe you me! I live in the land of salt and tart... Generally speaking, people go by the rule of thumb that if I think it's too salty, it's definitely too salty ;)


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