Monday, June 11, 2012

Olay versus Origins - Skin Care Contest

When I was a teenager, my Mom spent the family budget on skin care.  We ate beans, meatloaf with too much filler, and Poke Salad that we picked out of the woods...but Mom had her skin care.  Period.  And it was Bonne Belle 10-O-Six and a myriad of other products that kept her skin dewey and flexible until the day she passed to heaven.
Every night, she would quietly bring her Bonne Belle, cotton puffs, and moisterizers from the tiny bathroom that served the whole house, and place them on the coffee table.  Sitting on the sofa, she would begin her regimen in front of the TV.  I can still remember the fragrance of that cleansing lotion, and see her serene face as she moved through one of her favorite routines of the day.  After she was finished, she would offer her sweetly cleaned and moisterized face up for a good night kiss, and the feel of her skin when I leaned in to her was like rose petals. 

When she died, she still had one of the most beautiful facial skins I have ever seen...small pores, moist, and peachy.  Somehow, I didn't copy that regimen, and my facial skin has suffered sorely from too much sun, too little cleansing, and general lack of care.  Until I turned 50 and got a new driver's license photo - and started with Olay products.

Then I discovered Origins on a Christmas shopping trip for my staff, and instantly and forever was hooked on their Ginger Souffle for a body moisterizer:
 This, Girl Friends, is about all you will ever need to feel pampered, even if you can't afford anything else.  The delicate fragrance transports you to Tahiti, and makes you think you are in a sarong with a flower lei wrapped around your long flowing tresses...

In a place that looks like this:
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Once I was introduced to Origins, I began my foray into more expensive skin care.  I didn't take the total plunge into one specific brand until last Winter - it was the perfect time, since Origins had a great intro program in place that included free facials, a foot massage, and a make-over for free.  I came out of there with glowing skin, happy feet and over $350.00 of products.

They sent me home with a hand-written regimen, and this:

I know.  You are thinking, What Is All This Stuff??

I was assured by my Origins advisor that I did, indeed, need all of them, because they were designed to work together.  I did leave one behind, over her strenuous objections.  Over the months, the Make A Difference Toner has become one of my favorite routines of the day...maybe nostalgia for Mom?

But the rest of the products?

After 5 months, I saw no difference in puffiness, age spots, eye wrinkles, or overall improvements in my skin.  If anything, it felt a little irritated, too greasy,  and more fractious than usual.  I simply had too much product.

I'm sorry, Origins.  Because I do love your Ginger Souffle.
As their products were depleted, I turned back to my old standard: Olay.

Love these cleansing cloths for when I'm in a hurry.

But this is my fave cleanser: Their Age Defying Classic Cleanser just makes my skin feel good and clean, without drying it out - I feel smooth and refreshed after rinsing.  I follow this with Origins Make A Difference Toner, which zings my skin and sets the stage for moisturizer:

I use both of these, one for night and the other for day.  Doesn't matter which way.  I worried that I wasn't getting all the product out with the pump, but when I actually took the Total Effects jar apart when I hit bottom, I have to say I was truly at the bottom.  Not enough left for even one more slather.

Bottom line, Olay is MUCH less expensive and I don't have to fend off the hard sell that always comes when I walk into an Origins store.  Not as special to purchase my skin products in a grocery store, but less combative.  And my skin is happy.  Fine lines are reduced, but age spots aren't - but  then Origins didn't reduce those, either. 

Just goes to show, Don't Put Your Unshielded Face In The Sun.  If you are over 50, here is the proof:  raise your arm over your head and look at the skin on the underside, just before the arm pit.  Smooth and silky, right?  And no brown spots.  That's because it hasn't been in the sun.  That could have been your facial skin...  I'm off to shower and do my sit ups!

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