Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fusion Sushi in Shallotte, NC

Several months ago, Jack approached my husband about leasing the vacant restaurant space next door to my fabric shoppe.  Being the foodies that we are, we were intensely interested in his menu plan.  With expressive waves of his big arms, he described a plan of good steaks, great salad bar, home-made salad dressings, seafood and chicken.  Along with the usual frills that get added in along the way.  Sounded pretty good.

The months went by, the deal was done, and a construction crew moved in with jack-hammers, drills and saws.  They demolished the previous restaurant's decor, but Jack had a vision.  One day, standing gleefully in the midst of the utter chaos he had created, he revealed that part of his vision was to install a tiny Sushi Bar on one end of the expansive bar.  In unison, we slapped hands to foreheads, moaning, "Jack, what are you THINKING?"  He watched our reaction with the aplomb that we are now very familiar with - and means you should consider whatever deed he is contemplating to be...done.

So, Friday night we drug our renovation/road-trip fatigued selves over to his newly finished restaurant, The Shallotte Cattle Barn, and settled in at the bar.  We really just wanted wine, food, and bed.
 You can click on the link to see his menu - but NOT the sushi menu, because that wasn't resolved by the time he opened.  I admit that we thought to ourselves, "Told you so!"

Revived by a few sips of wine and Jack's cheerful hello, we slowly became aware of the hubbub at the far end of the bar.  It centered around the tiny Sushi Bar, where an American Sushi Chef wielded his tools with precision and a certain snappiness that spoke to confidence. 

 My interest piqued, I asked for the sushi menu.  I saw immediately that the style was Fusion, and I do mean Fusion.  Happily, I ordered the Cattle Barn Roll - I think that's what it was called, and nearly swooned at first bite.  It was composed of real Back-Fin Crab Meat, crunchy fresh Asparagus (locally grown), wrapped up in rare Bison, and drizzled with traditional spicy Japanese mayo.  Simply amazing.

Last night, I drug my husband back over there to really get into the Sushi Menu, and snagged the seat nearest to the chef.  I went Omakase instead of ordering off the menu, and the party started.  First, a clear chilled Cucumber Soup that tasted like Spring - unbelievably refreshing.  Then, a Ceviche with Yellow Tail, served in four black Japanese soup spoons lined up on a white tray.  A Shrimp Pickle was next, and then this:

I don't know what this was, except for the Tuna, Tobiko, Wasabe Tobiko, crunchy Asparagus, and thin sliced fresh Jalapeno Pepper, but it was fabulous.  After that, we rolled right on into Poke - if you've ever been to Hawaii you know about this - and it was potentially the best Poke I've ever had.  And I've had a lot.  I couldn't help myself, I had to have one more of those Cattle Barn Rolls, but couldn't eat but a couple of bites before I had to pack leftovers up in a take-out box.  Happy tummy.

Decor that includes Cattle Horns alongside Japanese Fans, a menu that runs from juicy Steaks to Hawaiian Poke and Fusion Sushi.  I guess we can call that one for Jack!


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M said...

Geez, now we HAVE to come back up there! My mouth is literally watering!


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