Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Magic of a Two-By-Four

I'm always amazed at what sliced pine trees and little steel needles can do...

Here are some shots of what the artisans of wood did yesterday at our Beach Cottage!

This will be our new BIGGER closet.

This used to be our closet - it'll be much better as a soaking tub!
I'm headed down to the basement in a minute, but first must settle on the finish for the new door hardware.  I wanted Oil Rubbed Bronze (of course), but I don't know about that now.  Here is a photo of the door I've selected to replace all the doors inside the Cottage:

I LOVE this door, and it needs just the right hardware.  This morning I'm really into vintage white porcelain knobs, but there is the issue of the construction budget...

Down to the basement I go!

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