Sunday, May 29, 2011

Clamshells, Papier Mache' and the Bucket List

Do you remember the Papier Mache' Giant Clamshell I made and showed you last summer?  I was trying to develop a new mixture that made newsprint turn into something resembling modeling clay - only it wasn't.  And I wanted it to be hard and "sandable" but not brittle when it dried.  I came up with a mix that I loved, and here's a photo of my finished Giant Clamshell:

With the exception of the shells used for the base and inside the Clam Shell, the rest was my "Paper Clay".  Life intervened and I had to drop that little experiment, but I'm dying to get back to finishing the four others that I had started, all different sizes. 

This morning, I found this photo at Hooked on Houses:

As you will see from her link, she found this at Caron's Beach House.

Now, do you think that as soon as I finish this renovation, I will be finishing those Clam Shells, or what??

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