Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Deciding Against Oil Rubbed Bronze

As you can see, I am FULL BORE trying to get this job under control so that I can go back to Atlanta and dance with my husband, cutting table, sewing machine and rude geese while the guys make our Beach Cottage beautiful and cozy.  Hopefully in our absence.

For the last 24 hours, I've been hot on the trail of Cabinet and Door Hardware, and I do mean hot.  After looking at images and samples until my brain blurred, I realized what was wrong with the Oil Rubbed Bronze that I have loved so much, for so many years...  It's too dark for my new warm white cabinets.  Take a look at these images:

Image from Decor Pad
 Do you see how these drawer pulls look like Black Polka Dots??  The pristine finish on the cabinets is simply jarred by the splots of black from the ORB knobs.

Now look at this:

 Image from Heather and Lockyear
See how the cabinets are quietly wearing their hardware instead of the hardware wearing them?  That's what I'm talking about.  They are in the groove together, dancing in perfect harmony.

I finally realized that although I truly love the look and feel of any aged metal, it doesn't belong in my light and bright Beach Cottage.  

The funny thing was, when I put my hand on the front door knob of WB Properties to leave their office today, I was happy to see my hand grasping what looked liked an ancient, reclaimed metal knob.  Only it wasn't.  It was an Oil Rubbed Bronze knob that the dark patina had partially worn off of, leaving a mottled, copperish finish that looked like it belonged on a Factory Door!  So lovely, but... our Beach Cottage isn't an old factory... Love that, but it isn't.  So.  Done.


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