Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paint Before Granite, (and everything else) Part Two

 I finally got a corner to plug up the computer, so here is an update on the renovation, and a repeat warning...paint everything before you install the granite! My beautiful granite made it through unscathed, but it made for a lot more work for the paint crew.  Don't know why it got scheduled like that.

Ot was a tough week for the contractors, but by Friday night, things were turning the corner - Just look at where we were on Tuesday:

Check out all the plastic and blankets covering my granite!

Since the painters were spraying the cabinets, even the ceiling was wrapped, with a curtain of plastic between the kitchen and living room.  And, a carpet of plastic on the floor.
Although the plastic was VERY thin, somehow it was strong enough to last until Thursday night, even with plumbers, painters, carpenters and everyone else walking all over it.  By Friday night, this is how parts of the kitchen looked minus the plastic:

New dishwasher, up and running.
 Look at my favorite thing of all, my new High/Low Kitchen Sink and Bridge Faucet!  I'm in love with this and wash everything by hand, just to get to play with it!

Is it possible to be in love with a Faucet, for crying out loud?
  The hardest day of all was Wednesday, at 93 degrees outside, not much cooler than that inside, since all the doors were open for the workers.  The people in the bathroom drew the short straws...

Everyone, even the painters, were working in here - it was chaos.
 But just look at what they accomplished by Friday night:

Gorgeous tile work by the crew from Wilmington.

So Tuesday we resume, and hopefully I'll be able to show you finished rooms by Friday!  Off to the beach for some sun-time! 

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