Friday, May 13, 2011

Beach Cottage Renovation - Half Way!

I'm so excited by the progress made this week - just look at my new stairs!

 No more clumsy man-handling of the vacuum, no more worn path up the middle!  These will get a clear coat, just like the floor.  We'll see how slippery they are - could be a runner has to be put in place, but I hope not.

And, look at my new peninsula and cabinets:

The new vent hood is just visible over to the upper right - when the HVAC guys hooked it up, they stated that it would, indeed, lift the hair on my head when I turn it on.  That is just so perfect for the seared tuna, crab boils, grilled whatever, and flash-sauteed mahi-mahi that will continue to get cooked in this kitchen.  Only now, the whole house won't smell like dinner for 12 hours!

The refrigerator nook is finished except for the doors and painting...

There will be a pantry on the right hand side, and a pull-out pantry on the upper left.  Lots of storage.

See how the refrigerator is just inching over, trying to sneak into her new room?  She's going to be SO HAPPY there, no more grease splattering on her from the stove.  And, I settled on my paint colors, and wound up with a Valspar collection for the whole house - yummy sea oat, sand, and puffy white cloud colors.  Should be great with the new black Kitchen Island:

Got this at: before I sold the store.

Monday, the floor should be finished in husband's office (no more carpet there, either), and the cabinets should be installed in the bathroom.  I took a picture in there, but it is still a jumble of studs and exposed plumbing.  I'm so excited, though!

Now, I'm off to New York to the Surtex Market - here is a link so you can see what it is all about:  

and also the National Stationery Show:

so that I can check out what everyone is doing in the textile, paper goods, and home accent design arena.  Not to mention a little sight-seeing, eating fabulous food, and shopping.  I'll report when I get back!


M said...

How exciting! Bring me back some awesome samples from that paper show ;)

Linda McMullan said...

I can hardly wait to see the show and watch all the artists in action...hopefully I will learn that I DO have enough of a portfolio to exhibit next year. I hope to bring back samples, since I love paper and fabric so much, but I have to be very sensitive and not intrude where I'm not wanted as I will be wearing an "Artist" badge, not a "Buyer" badge. I feel like a little kid the night before Christmas!


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