Monday, May 2, 2011

Beach Cottage Re-Do - Minus Bin Laden!

Those of you who know me understand that I am usually in bed by 9:30, 10:00 at the latest.  Last night, I was up a tad later, finishing my overdue Blog Post.  I never even considered checking the news when I signed off (who wants to go to sleep on that stuff??),  and although I missed the excitement of the announcement about Bin Laden's Smack Down, I'm glad I didn't hear until this morning.  I would have stayed up until midnight, and I guess my thinking is this:  that idiot kept me up enough already.

Bin Laden has been planted on the bottom of the sea - where he will be finished off in tiny bites by creatures with sharp little teeth.  What a great finish to a real Scum Bag.

Thank you, Seals and Special Forces; Thank you, President Obama.  Now I can finish my Beach Cottage Re-do with a lighter heart.

So, to turn to the job at hand, today I got HUGE progress in the form of cabinets roughed in, bathroom with studs for walls, and finally picked my paint colours. 

Here's the kitchen today:

Monday night.  Looking more like cabinets.

And, here is the new refrigerator home and custom pantry tonight:

Just a little leveling to do - the fridge goes where the tools have been stacked.
Turns out that within 12 feet, the floor slants down 3 inches!  But this crew knows how to handle it.  My granite will be supremely level.  Here's a shot of that:

Kashmire Gold - it should pick up the floor color AND the stainless range.
This slab came in a little more orange than I wanted, but I think it will work beautifully - I had to go to a new shade of paint for the Bead Board walls, but it's gonna be beautiful!  I'm so tired, so I will sign off now for some good sleep before my 5:00 "outta bed" tomorrow morning!  Because, THIS is one of the things facing me tomorrow:

The much-dreaded basement organization so I can haul the old cabinets in there!

Tomorrow, I'll show you what happened to my sweet little sewing room and my graphic design studio - Much, much work to do there also.  Goodnight, sweet readers.

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