Friday, October 28, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

This is why I was in such a Tiz to get back to Atlanta:

 The Coast is beautiful in October, and it's a non-stop party, but then there is Fall in Atlanta...

The air turns sweet, and smells like acorns and leaves.  You start to think about red plaid wool, fires in the fireplace, the gleam of woodwork in the library, and slow-cooked stews. 

The Pond is going more Snapping Turtle Battles, no more Geese with Bad Behavior.

We'll miss sitting on the little Boat House porch with our evening cocktails...

But there is always the fire pit off the kitchen deck, where we only build fires in the Winter.  It gives such a cozy feeling to prepare dinner with that warm glow in the background.  

Seasons change, and Winter is near.  Squirrels are busy gathering nuts and fluffing their blankets.  All the children are starting to think about Being Good and the upcoming Holidays, while all the adults are planning meals and polishing up our nests. 

Don't you just love that?


Ralline said...

Wauw. Such lovely photos.

Lilla Kullan said...

Thank you!

It's VERY beautiful here too.;-) Hugs Stina

Ralline said...

Hi there. I'm so happy that you like my photos and that you want to follow my blog. Have you tried to use Google Chrome as browser? It worked for me. I've used IE as browser but couldn't join any pages as a follower. I hope it will solve the problem.

snowwhite said...

Wooow, you are beautifully depicting the autumn scenery with so poetic words and photos! I picture that sometimes a breeze swings the willow and makes gentle ripples in the pond. You fired my imagination!
Best wishes,

Linda McMullan said...

Ralline, Lilla, and Keiko, thank you so much for your that encouragement...I DO love to take photographs, and I DO love looking at all of yours. Isn't it funny how the world looks pretty much the same, all over the world? I love to see that, because it reinforces the fact that we are, after all, neighbors on a small, beautiful planet.


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