Sunday, October 9, 2011

October On the North Carolina Coast

Two words for October in Coastal North Carolina.



The sky turns a gorgeous shade of blue, and the sun slides to a more Southerly position, making the shadows turn to shades of violet and magenta.  Sunsets are almost surreal as they flash orange, pomegranate, and purple lights all over everything...reflecting beautifully off the windows in all the quiet houses.

Lavender Sunsets.  Only in October.

The bees busily gather the last bit of nectar

The pampered Plumeria Tree begins to wind down, producing some of the final buds of the year.  She knows that we will pull her into her cozy Winter Home in the basement soon, and she'll take a long nap.

Fat Roe Mullet get roasted on open fire pits...

Granddaughter Caroline, thinking of the Winter to come, is worried about our solitary squirrel (we still don't know how he got on the island), and has built a Fall feeding station for him, complete with directional arrows:

It is totally appropriate that she has spelled his name "Mr. Scwirl"; after all, she is only 6 years old, and is worried about the "Scwirlliness" of his lonely situation.

Meantime, we are enjoying an October visit from my niece Megan and her husband, Jeremy...who cooked up a fabulous Apple Crisp out of perfectly beautiful Fall Granny Smith Apples last night.  Which disappeared out of the large pan he baked it in within 20 minutes flat.  We thought there would be leftovers!  Didn't count on everyone eyeing that dish and going for seconds...

In between all these adventures,  I am working on my products for the Oyster Festival, which starts next Saturday here on the island and runs for two days.  And my studio doors are open to the Fall breezes... No Air Conditioning necessary now!

October in Coastal North Carolina - gotta love it!


Helen DeRamus said...

Who is that pig. Love

Linda McMullan said...

Helen, that's Mr. Piggy! I made him over a year of my first Blog Posts:

He's pretty excited about going to the festival...

Joyful said...

Stunning photos. I am here from Keiko's blog in Nara.

Linda McMullan said...

Hello, Joyful! Thanks so much - I'm so happy to meet another friend from Keiko's blog. Are you from Kenya?


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