Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aground In Shallotte Inlet - The Truth Will Out

Well, now.  I was taught as a child that Truth is sacred, and in the end a much easier route than  supporting an Untruth.  Without further meandering, I want to report to all you mariners that Shallotte Inlet is, indeed, Marked.

And the explanation for the above picture is simply that my Husband was doodling around and not REALLY following the markers while traversing this historically shifty, tricky, inlet.

Although the US Coast Guard reported on August 16, 2011 that markers for Shallotte Inlet were either Missing, Off Station, or Adrift, Husband says they were in place on Sunday. 

The Truth has Outted, and I stand corrected.  Not grinning - corrected.


Anonymous said...

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☆sapphire said...

Thank you so much for sharing all those beautiful sea photos, Linda.
I read your recent posts as well and found your seas have different colors from ours. The beautiful blues of your seas enchanted me a lot. Our seas are darker in blue due to a warm current called the Kuroshio current(kuro means black)which is rich in planktons. The sands in the previous photo is great. Did you know I'm a sand lover?


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