Sunday, August 7, 2011

Time to Get To Work

I've been in Atlanta for a month now, with my own fast connection to the web (unlike the Beach Cottage, where I share with Husband), and this afternoon, I'm looking at my abandoned sewing room and workshop, wondering why I am spending most of my days preparing Blog Posts.  I'm an artist, for God's sake!  I make things. I'm very physical - designing, drawing, and then procuring the raw materials to make my visions and designs a reality, using the equipment I am so blessed to own.  

I've had a wonderful, beautiful time connecting with friends from all over the world, BUT...Instead of being in the workroom, designing and making new products, I am spending HOURS every day or so preparing a Post.  Which means I must be on an ego see my words and life out on the global web every week...with responses - which I Love!

I love the preparation of the Blog Post (it's all about the journey for me), and the sweet connections I have made with this medium, but Holy Cow, it is taking over my life.

It is time to get back into the studio.  Time to get to work making my equipment hum.  Sourcing out my raw materials.  Going to Markets.

I love what Blogger has created, but I need to stop the diary, and get back to work.  Doesn't mean I will stop Blogging, but does mean that I am going back to physical, real-time studio work, and putting the pedal to the metal.  And the Blog Posts will be less frequent, but more intense. 

Time to Get To Work.

I Love You All, and hope you will continue to read my updates, but it is time to Rock 'N Roll in the studio.

Atlanta Studio, just ready for me to get back to work.  Poor Sewing Machine, with the cover on!  And the Cutting Table, all empty!  With about a Ton of Fabric, stored away...just waiting to emerge.

And the Beach Cottage Studio, which I spent months arranging for production for books and stationery...all silent.

See what I mean?  Time to get away from Blogging, as much as I ADORE it, and Get Back To Work!!

Love You All So Much,

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Hemma på Landet said...

That looks nice.:-) Hugs Stina


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