Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photoshop CS5 Extended Butters my Bread - Twice!

Holy Moly.  The past two days have been spent installing my new Ricoh 430 DN printer, a 23 inch Life's Good  LCD monitor, and....Ta Daaah!  My new (kisses on the lips) Photoshop CS5 Extended!

It's Love.  Or maybe it's just that I've come all the way from Photoshop 5 (mid 90's?) and a CRT monitor that I bought in 1999 to the current, and zoomed about 15 years through time, and I'm experiencing Time Warp Euphoria.

I played around with some photos taken through my windows to see how all this new stuff works ~

BEFORE shot of Chickadee outside my studio.
Here's the same shot - the branches disappeared!  So Fast!

The AFTER image, using the Content Aware Fill function.  I've no clue what that Pipe-Looking thing is growing out of the tree.  It isn't a branch, and it's too high up to get a closer look at.

The Content Aware Fill Function is powerful, but you have to use it judiciously - look at that area behind the Chickadee, and you can see the Wonky - looking leaves.  It was quick, quick, quick - but wanted to fill that area with the tree, the bird, etc.  More practice required.

If you don't mind looking at Frog Privates, here's a test run of the new levels correction tool in CS5...

Pretty murky BEFORE...
What sped this correction up was that I used the Quick Selection Tool to help me isolate areas I needed to brighten...

Sorry about the dirty window...time does get away from you when you have so many new toys to play with!

Spider Ma'am started out really large...

Her web is pretty messy...looks like some Honky-Tonk nights have been going on in Spider Land.

She was harder to deal with, so I decided to crank her up and use lots of the new functions to see what would happen:

Now you can REALLY see her messy house!
I've got to stop playing with Photoshop CS5 Extended and get back to work...the new printer is waiting to be calibrated to the monitor, and Husband is going to want something to eat soon...dirty dishes in the sink, the sheets on the bed need to be changed, and the Pomegranate Book KNOWS there is a new printer in the house. 

But Man, I feel like somebody just came along and put double layers of Butter on my Bread!

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