Thursday, August 11, 2011

How To Learn Photoshop CS5 3D Function in One Day

All right, ya'll.  I'm supposed to be making books and sewing stuff and not Blogging, BUT my new computer won't talk to my old printer, and I'm waiting for parts/adapters.

Plus, I couldn't wait to tell you how to learn Photoshop CS5 Extended's 3D Function in one day, flat.

First, Set The Stage:

1.  Husband must leave before 10:00 AM to go to a Fishing Tournament far, far away.
2. Your printer, etc. must be legitimately down so that you can legally say you need to be productive in another area.
3. You must be passionately in love with Photoshop, and willing to only get up from your chair to grab a sandwich and hot tea, and do the necessaries.

Then, open some photos from your files...this is early morning on the Island:

And make it do this with some of  Photoshop's Fab Tools:

Or you can pick another one from the same morning...

Change the exposure and get rid of the railing with Content Aware Fill: 

And then make it look like this:


Here is the REAL Fun I learned today!  Photoshop 3D!

You can change all the colors and wrap the images around stuff!  I kid you not!

Here's the Boat image wrapped around cans:

Are you believing this???

Look at my Coral Bouquet Book Cover, wrapped around Bangle Bracelets!!

And my new Fishie Fabric, wrapped around a box like a big Present~

I am flabbergasted.  What will They think of next??  There are simply not enough hours in the day.

Speaking of that, Husband is only going to be gone 36 hours...gotta go do a load of Laundry, quick!

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sarah said...

Thank you for visiting to my blog and nice comment.
Your photoshop functions are amazing. I like the fourth one. Pink is my favorite color. And I like the seventh one. Design and color of coral entertain me.
Thank you for sharing nice technique!
Have a great weekend.


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