Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane Irene Update

Thank You, Thank You.  Thank you very, very much.

Do you see that tiny gray line between South Carolina and North Carolina?  That is us.  And that is where landfall is not going to be.  Yaaay for this!  That means we are on the Backside of the storm, and winds will be breezy, but not horrific.

So I can sleep tonight, with a full pantry of groceries for Jim Cantore, in case he decides to stop by, and Holy Moly, more wine than I can drink in a month.  How lovely is THAT?

However.  Hurricane Irene could still make landfall on the Outer Banks.  So please join hands with me and send a prayer up to the Big Guy that the steering currents take Irene on out to sea...where she belongs.

We don't want to see This Again:
Thank you from the bottom, sides, and top of my heart for your visits and emails...it is always so very lovely and strengthening to know that we have a safety net of friends out there, no matter where on the globe they are.  We will sleep tonight.


☆sapphire said...

I really hope the Hurricane Irene won't cause any damage to you and your land!! Take care, Linda.

Linda McMullan said...

Sapphire, thank you so much for your kind thoughts; please keep hoping that Hurricane Irene turns out to sea.

Toad said...

As happy as we are for you, it's not yet time to count those unhatched chickens. We still get to worry for you for several more days.

Linda McMullan said...

Hallo Toad - that thought occurred to me also during the night. Always better to count fuzzy little chicken heads rather than tempting fate. I'm laying low and going out in the yard occasionally to blow hard in an Easterly direction.


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