Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time Out for Strawberries

So, now that we are "at the beach", time changes in odd little ways from the way it works in Atlanta.  It's almost as if you are on a game board, and the roll of the dice determines what you will do, and at what speed!

I discovered that Tideline Fabrics is now closed on Mondays to give Todd and Sally a break, sew up some window treatments, and tend to their beautiful store so it will be ready for the Tuesday-Saturday dance.  Being unable to go take photos for you, I used Monday to pack up more of the studio for transfer to Atlanta, cleaned out my closet in preparation for the upcoming renovation, and strolled on into Tuesday, hoping for more control over my day.

Delightfully, I lost all control again, this time to Strawberries and another Grandma party!  Visiting Holden Brother's Produce out on Hwy. 17 yielded baby lettuce, baby spinach, and these lovely berries:

Husband and daughter-in-law, Amy, had declared an impromptu party over at Grandma Mac's, so I sliced these beauties up and headed over to the event with those yummy little retro shortcakes that come in a cellophane pack - and of course, some squirt-on whipped creme.  We had a take-out sushi feast, followed very quickly by a dive into the strawberry bowl.  Just yummy!  Of course, the squirt-on whipped creme was exhausted very quickly, and licking fingers was the order of the day.

Then home for some couch time before bed with a regular spur of the moment visitor -  Old Grand Dog:

Who demands his own blankie for the wood floor, and position right under the TV so that he can listen and doze at the same time...

Today, I am declaring a studio day.  Period.  More later to show you the progress on the bags!

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