Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ruffles, Blessings & Gratitude

Now that I have the Binding Blues behind me, I feel like tackling some Ruffles...I have Handbag orders, and the perfect ruffle color for my Back & White Houndstooth bag is eluding me.  I've searched high and low at my favorite trimming haunts, and pure-T black just isn't doing it for me.   Not happening.

So I decided to have another go at Ruffles, Ruffling, Ruffled.  Not pleated, not gathered...Ruffled.

Here is what evolved out of my shopping trip:

I'll sew it on, and see how THAT looks.

Meantime, I want to tell you that the young couple who bought my store have simply blown my socks off.  Last night, they staged a Grand Re-Opening for after hours, complete with Ribbon Cutting,  Catered Food, Open Bar, and the most fabulous display of Home Decor, Fabrics, and Window Treatments and celebratory Floral Arrangements I have ever, ever seen!  They had a huge turnout,  and as I wandered through the crowd and listened to the happy hubbub and bright laughter, I just kept getting wave upon wave of chills up my arms to see what they have done.  It's as if they sent my old store off to Finishing School!  Simply amazing.  I will go tomorrow and take photos of the store and post just have to see it to believe the transformation they have achieved in such a short time. 

And to look at all my former employees, lined up and dressed up so beautifully - receiving every attendee with such charm and regal grace --- well, I was flabbergasted to think that such royalty actually worked for ME for six years.  I am truly, truly blessed.

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