Saturday, July 2, 2011

Coastal Time-Out for a Ferry Ride

Although I am thoroughly excited about getting back to work, I am still subject to those lovely little Time-Outs that happen when one is at the Coast.  

My husband had an appointment in Wilmington on Friday morning, and when he offered up a post-meeting tour of the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier and subsequent Ferry Ride, connecting back to Southport... well... how could I resist an offer like that?

To access the pier, you start by climbing up wooden steps and going through their little grill/restaurant:

Carolina Beach Fishing Pier entry.  There is a great Blog about Carolina Beach Here.

Although the Pier looks dilapidated, it still produces fish...the fishermen told us they were beginning to catch King Mackerel again, after a two-week "dry spell".  

This Fishing Pier is where my husband spent every Summer as a little boy - he and his Mom, Vera, would spend all day every day fishing here.  He says his Mom was the first person to ever catch a King off this pier!  She DID catch a King Mackerel (a big one) off this pier, but I'm not sure about the rest...

There was a resident Pelican who greeted everyone and made sure they gave him any left- over bait before they left:

After searching through block after block of houses back on shore, Husband finally found the little house his family had owned there, and although I'm sure the paint colour and small elements were different, he recognized it - there was still a little old Guest House behind it, just like he remembered.  After this nostalgic pause, we headed down to Fort Fisher to board the Ferry.

Ft. Fisher is a Historic Site - the Fort protected the Port of Wilmington during the Civil War, so that "Blockade Runners" could slip through the blockade of enemy boats, come up the Cape Fear River,  and deliver everything from food to ammunition to the port city.  From Wilmington, these supplies and the occasional luxury item were shipped by Railroad Trains all over the South.  Ft. Fisher was captured by the Union forces in 1865, so badly needed supplies could no long reach the Confederate Army.  This hastened the Fall of the South, and the Civil War ended soon after.

So here we were, being entertained by Sunflowers dancing in the breeze 146 years later at what was once a Battle Site, while we waited at the landing for the Ferry.

A beautiful old Cedar Tree framed out the view of the Cape Fear River.  Now, ships from all over the world travel up this river, still passing by the Ft. Fisher Ferry Landing on their way to the Port of Wilmington; still bringing supplies to the South.

Here comes the Ferry!
Turning in to the Landing.
We were finally waved aboard, and after parking the car, went up top to enjoy the view while cruising across the Cape Fear River and down to Southport...

Leaving Ft. Fisher.
We were greeted in Southport by enthusiastic home and shop owners, decorating for their renowned 4th of July Celebration!

This photo was taken by Southport Soundings, a blog about Southport, NC.
From there, we traveled back to Ocean Isle - much the better for our little "Coastal Time Out".  Now, it's back to work!

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