Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beach Cottage Bookbinding Studio

While we were waiting for Baby Blakely to arrive, I have been busy figuring out how to use all my new Bookbinding tools, and I think I finally have a good start on the process.  

The Beach Cottage studio is a mess, with Book Parts laying around everwhere:

These are some of the patterns I am going to make fabric out for Books, too!

My first Book was okay, but not exactly even from front to back cover:

This Mango image is meant to be printed on Linen and framed under glass...time to get it done, now that I see it again.  It took me weeks and weeks to create this image - and I just forgot about it!

Living at the Beach, I'm partial to Coastal and underwater images...and my all-time favorites are images of Coral Branches and Sea Fans.  So I designed the following image over a year ago, and it was the first one I experimented with by having Spoonflower print it up for me:

Gluing up the Book Covers is agonizing.  Pure T.   But I am pleased with the finished look.

Once I finally got happy with the front and back Book Covers, I was off to the races, and started assembling:

Don't you think this would make beautiful fabric for a Lula Belle Handbag??  Or Wallpaper for a Beach Cottage accent wall??  Or how about Gift Wrap??  I started with the Coral image, then put it in repeat with other components to make the pages.  You can visit my post on making a Pattern Repeat to see how to do this.

The inside pages are lined and blank, meant for journaling or note jots:

And, here is the back cover:

All Done!

Next up, the Pomegranate Book - but that will be after I go see Baby Blakely again.

I think it's time to get the sewing machine cranked up and Sew "Stuff" to these Book Covers; and layer them up - what do you think?


M said...

OH! I love these! Those would make fantastic Christmas presents!

Lula Belle Style said...

Meg, thanks so much - they will be posted on my website @ soon - just have to get with the webmaster to set up the new category. I am loving the making part...I guess it's true that it's all about the journey!

snowwhite said...

Linda, now your Beach Cottage Studio is a wonderland filled with your creativity and inspiration. I just admire your talent and it is the special gift given to you. The books you made are stunning. As the coral image is your original, you can make anything, wall paper, wrapping paper, books and more. The coral image, your icon is really beautiful!!

Lula Belle Style said...

Thank you, Snowwhite - I am truly a lucky artist to be able to have a Studio in my home, which helps so much with the process. If I had to straighten up and put away my materials every day, not much would get finished, and the Coral Image would just live in my files. So lucky.


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