Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Way We Talked - Try Using this Word in a Sentence

It is cold in Marietta, Georgia.
Not Chilly, but Cold.

So, I am working on all of my jobs with the heat going full blast
and too many layers of clothes on.

Unlike this woman:

I came up to my graphics studio to grab the old, falling-apart dictionary
that has been crumbling on my back bookshelf
to select some pages to put in a tea bath.

Then, I started focusing on the words on those pages
and my attention went 180 degrees from what I was supposed to be doing.

Did you know that in the 1800's, there was a word that meant
Wanton-ness or Friskiness??

The word is Petulcity.
I dare you to use that word in a coherent sentence at the next office party.....

How about this one:  Pezle Mezle.
Apparently that was the phrase in the 1800's that now means Pell-Mell.
I kind of like the way that Pezle Mezle feels in my mouth.  
I can see making use of Pezle Mezle during the Holidays, can't you?

And I leave you with this:  Pettifogulize.
This juicy word meant to "use petty and contemptible tricks or quibbles".
Of course, anyone who engages in such behavior is known as a Pettifogulizer.
Know anyone like that?

I think I prefer wanton friskiness.

I do know this old dictionary will go on my bedside table for some entertaining reading.
Saved from the tea bath...

Back to work; can't sit still too long at my desk or my toes will get frost bite!

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