Thursday, November 6, 2014

How To Loose Weight at Warp Speed

I'm serious.
Go pour a glass of water, and let me explain
while you slurp it down.

Water simply isn't on my radar screen.
To drink, that is.
My Dad had the same blank spot.

When I was little, after a pre-school checkup, my pediatrician told my Mom 
to wake me up for school with a glass of water in her hand 
and wait until I had drunk it down before leaving the room.
Chances were, that would be the last water I would drink that day.
Go figure.  I just never thought about drinking water.
Milk, orange juice, Nehi Strawberry or Peach and sweet tea were my faves,
with Mom's good coffee laced with lots of milk and sugar sometimes.
With that to choose from, why drink tasteless water?

Last year at my annual checkup, the doc told me to cut down on salt.
He said my face was puffy from too much salt and not enough water.

That reminded of my childhood, but only briefly.  
I forgot about it, and sprinkled my new favorite smoked salt on almost everything.
This year, he studied my face, looked at my BP and said abruptly,
"Stop eating salt.  Period."
And left the room.

So, okay.  I was already on a mission to increase my water intake, so I thought,
"What the heck.  I'll go for it."
I tripled my water intake, and started squeezing lemon juice on my food.
Almost same as salt, but surprisingly tastier.

One week later, I am down 6 pounds.
That's a lot of fluid.

With a jump start like that, I'm back on my sensible eating plan of 
"Calories in, calories out".
Don't eat more calories in a day than you can burn off.
Walk every day in the fresh air,
cut down on white stuff like rice and bread,
and enjoy zipping into those jeans hung in the back of the closet.

Just in time for cold weather and layered clothes.

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