Monday, January 9, 2012

Life in The Fast Lane

I can hardly believe that it is January 2012 already, and here we are for our long-planned vacation in the Florida Keys.  This was the view from the porch this morning as the sun came up.  We are trying VERY HARD to slow down for a month and "smell the roses", but man, this is tough.  

First thing in the morning, we have to explain to this little Key Deer with what looks like a dislocated jaw why we can't feed her.  Not supposed to feed her.  Then, she looks at you with this face...

So, okay.  Upstairs to chop up some Papaya skin into very small bites so that she can get it past those old gums...

Took her a long time to get this down, but she ate every bite, then disappeared into the Mangroves to sleep it off.

See what I mean?  On Vaca and already on a mission.  

See all those little dimples in the gravel?  Those are the imprints of all the tiny little hooves of the Key Deer who nose around at night while we are trying to sleep...CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, all night long.  But we are only greeted with Miz Crooked Jaw in the mornings.  Thank heavens.  That's a lot of little toes, there!

Tomorrow, I have to travel out to the highway to the Winn Dixie for more shredded carrots. She loves shredded carrots.

Life in the Fast Lane.  Chapter One.

1 comment:

snowwhite said...

Oh, poor deer. I have seen wild deer in Nara Park for decades. For a wild animal, injury is many times life-threatening. But, I am relieved she could eat them!
How well are Doppler and Fin getting now?
May 2012 be the happiest and best for you!!


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