Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life in The Fast Lane - On Cruise Control...

We have settled into a routine that will be hard to break once we leave the Keys.  I love the color of the sky just before daybreak down here, and the light show at sundown.  In between those two shows, we've settled in to our landscape and routine.  

The amazing colors of the ocean and bays now soothe instead of demanding wide eyes and a million photographs.  We're used to this now, and see things with new eyes...right about the time we have to go back to Atlanta.  This last week will probably be the best, and will be what pulls us back for another visit.

I'm starting to notice and love the small things...always a welcome sign of settling into the new place I am in.  

The problem with that is, I will miss these shapes and colors so very much when I get back to Atlanta and the cooler climate they can't grow in. I'll be looking for them to bring order to my day, and they won't be there.

Maybe that is why, after transferring my body to a new locale, it takes me days and days to get all my wheels on the ground, and pointing in the same direction.  What a travel wuss I am!

My favorite plant down here is the Sea Grape - just look at these leaves!  What's not to like?

  These were photographed at Bahia Honda State Park, and once you leave the bushes and head out to the beach, you can find even more surrealistic beauty...check this out:

Someone had decorated all the dead trees on the North end of the beach with sea shells and dried sponges, which was somehow just perfect.

 This sponge had grown jewelry of its own - pretty and totally appropriate.

Time to go put the Black Beans on...we have been gifted with an African Pompano that Brant and Barrett caught yesterday.  What could be better than Pompano, Black Beans, Saffron Rice, fresh Pico de Gallo and a crisp little wine??



☆sapphire said...

It looks like you had wonderful holidays in Florida. The blues in the photo are really beautiful.
As I love beachcombing, I looked at what you call "surrealistic" works with great interst. They look really great with shells, dead tree trunks, and dried sponges. Did you collect some sea shells or lovely pebbles there?
PS I love the keys sunset photos in your former posts too! I wish I could visit Keys!!

Linda McMullan said...

Sapphire, we have had a lovely time here but it is almost over- today we are actually going to go beach combing for sponges and grasses. We want to create some wall art out of natural things for our house in North Carolina!


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