Friday, December 9, 2011

New Puppies and Old Doggies

We have a new Grand-Puppy, an adorable blonde Golden Retriever named Fin.

Here is his first hello to my Husband...

While Fin is only 8 weeks old, his new older "brother" Doppler is about 83 years old and counting.  And he OWNS this family.  Been like that for years.

When Fin got out of the car after his long trip from the kennel in North Georgia, all the family gathered to gently introduce Doppler to his new baby brother.

You can tell from the face Amy is pulling that this is not going well from the very first second.  Doppler refuses to even look at the puppy.  

Amy pours her love and reassurance all over Doppler, explaining that he is still her first Big Boy, and still the Top Dog.

He is having none of it, and still hasn't looked at the puppy.  Not even out of the side of his eyes.  No growling, no curled lip, not the first indication that there is another dog that close to HIS MOMMY - because he hasn't looked at the puppy, so that puppy doesn't exist.

Night has fallen, and the family still stands quietly, hoping for a tiny little hello...

But it never happened.  Doppler NEVER looked at Fin, although you can see that Fin is ready to kiss Doppler on the lips and then go play.  No.  No.

So, Doppler spent the night with us, and Fin went home with his new family.

I'll keep you posted.


snowwhite said...

Oh, poor Doppler・・・, he must be jealous and lonely. Doppler’s feelings are similar to human being’s ones. But time will solve this issue. Fin is so adorable!!
Have a nice week!

Linda McMullan said...

Keiko, the latest news is that Doppler strongly asserted himself with the new puppy two days later, and now all is well...Fin will not get anywhere NEAR Doppler, which suits Doppler just fine!


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