Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Comes to the Beach

What a wild ride this year has been!  And now that it is winding down to turning the corner to 2012, we are all still in Overdrive out here on the Island - see what I mean?

Santa arrives at the Beach, sweltering in his furry suit and jogging shoes...even his elf looks limp and ready to hit the beach!

I don't think he was having near as much fun as these guys:

She danced the pants right off of him!

I always enjoy watching these grown men on these tiny little cars, driving at warp speed with such blank expressions on their faces...where do they practice this stuff??  

This was my favorite:

Will you just LOOK at those guys??  Perfect voice, perfect presentation.

What a show, what a beautiful day.  Winter will be here full blast very soon, and this island will get serious and shut down.  But in the mean time, the Party still rocks on...

I think I'm ready for another Atlanta infusion...


M said...

That's not a blank expression-- they're in THE ZONE!

Atlanta needs another Aunt Linda infusion :) Especially since I'm finally done with your candle!

snowwhite said...

You are having quite a warm December! Some of them wear short-sleeved shirts. Is this usual? But, what an enjoyable show it is! A big man driving a small car looks very serious and this scene made me smile. Very humorous! It is very interesting to see how people enjoy coming Christmas, different Christmas in a different place! Here, Christmas illuminations are everywhere and they are twinkling against cold winds. I’ll send you a little bit cold wind from Nara.
Best wishes,

Linda McMullan said...

Meg, you are so right...IN THE ZONE! Wish I had a little play car like that.

Linda McMullan said...

Snowwhite (Keiko) we are having the warmest December in years. Yesterday, we walked on the beach and got too hot...not normal. But today, cold weather has arrived, and we have the heat on and Christmas lights are twinkling everywhere. But please, send more cold air!

Richard Cottrell said...

One just has to love a parade and what a way for Santa to travel. Happy 21st century. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Linda McMullan said...

Richard, yes indeed...welcome to the 21st century! I'm doing some genealogical research right now, back in the 12th century, and am wondering what our ancestors would make of all this??? Heavens!


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