Friday, September 16, 2011

Fusion Food Paradise - Buford Hwy Farmer's Market

Sashimi - All that two people could possibly eat...$15.99.

Head's Up.  Man your chopsticks, and crank your stove.  I've discovered Food Nirvana, and it's at The Buford Hwy. Farmer's Market - a short drive from my Atlanta house!  Who knew?

Ikura like rubies - where's my spoon??

Carrots so fresh, you want to call up Bugs Bunny and tell him to Get Over Here!
All my photos were taken with my IPhone - Thanks, Steve Jobs!

Huge baskets of Turmeric.

Garlic Stems - or Garlic bright green, so crisp.  Recipe below.

Garlic Scape Pesto - from Brooklyn Farmhouse

 Here's the Recipe from Brooklyn should go check out their website; it's chock full of good things:

Never have eaten one of these Cactus Pears, but now I'm looking for recipes.
Pompano?  Jack? Okay, it's fish.

Greek Eggplant...mountains of them.

A fish called Pomfret, farm raised in China.  Looks like Pompano.
Tiny little Pepper Jewels.  Can't you just see these poured inside tall glass vases on your table as a centerpiece?  

Sesame Leaves.  Stuff these with any meat mixture, roll up and grill or pan sear.  Serve the little bundles over rice.

Lotus Root - Peel, slice, soak in vinegar water.  Stir fry with sesame, scallion, ginger, garlic and soy sauce.  Yumm.By now,  you should be drooling and adventurous enough to scamper off to your local market for some fresh stuff that you've never cooked before!  Get to cooking!

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