Monday, September 19, 2011

Book Binding, Canvas Making, and Oyster Shucking

I've finally got this thing down.  Do it over and over, work out the kinks, get a recipe.  Go Dancing!

My handy little helper, (remember him?) The Cinch Binding Tool, is chugging along with me - not Dancing With The Stars, but he is keeping up!

I'm diving back into shows...I have a booth on October 1 at Sunset Beach, NC in the Sunset At Sunset Arts & Crafts Festival.  

And then, hang on to your britches, I'm about to send in my very late booth reservation for one of the final available booths at The 31st NC Oyster Festival!

See this Blue Arrow?  It's pointing at Husband's Hands...He WON the Oyster Shucking Contest Last Year!   That's his Special Shucking Glove - an old Penn International Reel Cover.

 Since I have to dance 24-7 to make the hundreds of Books, Journals, and Canvases for the shows, I've re-arranged the work table into stations.  Makes it much faster.  The biggest trick is to stay away from the computer, because the designs are just flowing out of my head now, and I want to get them all recorded.  Can't do that and make stuff too, though.  Balance.  Life is all about Balance.

Figuring out to the 1/16th of an inch where I need to cut and punch has really helped me settle in...once I really am In The Groove, I'll write all this down and do a tutorial.

The re-vamped Coral Bouquet Book, with page separators and tabs.

Close-up of Mr. Blowfish on Canvas and Books.
Now back to work I go!

i'm late, i'm late, for a very important date!


snowwhite said...

Hello Linda,
Whenever I visit your blog, I am amazed with your talent about design, PC, organizing things and more. All of your design is stunning. I feel fresh sea breeze from your art works.
It is so good your husband won the contest last year. Oyster is favorite food of my husband and me!! We love fried oysters.
I am interested in your story about the Harvest Moon very much. I suppose in Japan too, the light of the full moon must have been appreciated by the farmers who worked late for harvest.
Have a great week! And I’m looking forward to your report of Sunset at Sunset Art and Crafts Festival.
Best wishes,

Linda McMullan said...

Keiko, I am so happy that you feel a fresh sea breeze from my designs...that is what I am always trying to convey. Soon, we will start looking for the Harvest Moon, and we will build a fire in the fire pit and roast oysters. Come and join us!


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