Monday, June 27, 2011

Beach Cottage Renovation Finished!

After my two month hiatus to tend to the Beach Cottage renovation, I have GOT to get back to Textile and Graphic Design.  So that I don't feel like I left everyone in the middle of the road, here are some shots of our finished renovation - that I am just so in love with.  Pictures aren't hung yet, because I can't bear to put holes in the walls yet!  Maybe tomorrow.

The "sewing/create something" room is now totally white.  I took the old kitchen peninsula and made a cutting/pattern table out of it.  And, look at my new window by the sewing machine!
This is what it looked like before:

Big Change, there!

Kitchen all finished!
My yummy new tub, that USED to be my closet!
The mirrors tilt!
Wooden blinds coming tomorrow - do you remember how this looked a month ago?  Yikes!
This was the bathroom on May 24.  What a difference, huh?

     So much work, soooo much work.  But I am happy, happy, happy.  And now it is time to get back to Surface, textiles, Illustrator and Photoshop.  In my clean new house!

1 comment:

snowwhite said...

Congratulations! Oh, this is a dream house!! To have such a gorgeous “sewing/create something" room is a very dream of all women. Your kitchen is fabulous,amazing!!
I'm sure this wonderful house will inspire your imagination and artistic sense more and more. I can imagine how happy you are. All your works were beautifully rewarded!
Have a great day!


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