Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tummy Suck, Pelvic Tuck, and Shoulder Roll

See this pretty girl from Mireille Dagher's Spring/Summer 2016 Collection?
Her pelvis is tucked properly underneath and in line with her head,
her (okay, non-existent) tummy is sucked in,
and her shoulders are rolled back to make her chest proud.

What I'm pointing out here, girls and guys, is that it is time to
Tuck it Up, Suck it Up, and get that Chest All Proud.
And I am not talking about Plastic Surgery here.
You gotta work on this.

See this guy's posture?
This is how you should NOT stand,
but is how I do, because I've done it all my life.
I think they call it Sway Back.

I call it "Leading with my Stomach".
It is my Mom's posture, which I inherited.

The problem with this is,
your tummy perpetually sticks out in front of everything else.

And your butt looks enormous.
Even though it is just pleasingly round.

Somewhere during last Fall, I figured out that the
reason my tummy always looked like a fire hydrant in profile
was because I was literally Poking it Out by standing
like this guy on the left.  Sway Backed.
So last month I made up a new rule.

Suck.  And Tuck.
TUCK my butt back up underneath my shoulders.
SUCK my tummy in, and roll my shoulders back.
   Get really PROUD of my chest.

That way, THIS is what happens:

Well, you are not going to look exactly like this,
but see how her shoulders are rolled back, and how Proud her Chest is??
We won't look at whether or not she is Sucking and Tucking, because with a six pack like that, who the heck needs to think about sucking her tummy in?

But I can tell you that if you follow the above instructions,
your clothes will hang right,
and you will have the hint of a waist
for the first time in years.

Every minute of every day, Suck, Tuck, and Roll.

Look in the mirror at your profile;

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