Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jolly Mon Rocks The Dock at Ocean Isle Fishing Center

It's Jolly Mon Tournament Time, and this year Capt. Brant added a new 
Fishing Tournament category for the youngest ones.  

Thanks to Rickey Beck and Chris Campbell, we have candid photos 
...and Grandson Brayden 
can show you what a Big Time he had 
at the 

He caught a Flounder within the first few minutes  - the competition was keen!

Capt. Brant weighed the many fish caught by excited and Very Serious youngsters, just like in an adult SKA Fishing Tournament.  
The young anglers had to walk the length of the dock and present their fish to the Weighmaster - and then hear the news and go back to fishing.  
They had one hour to fish, and every child fished every minute of that hour in 95 degree heat and blazing sun.  
There were No Quitters!

At the Jolly Mon Captain's Meeting on Friday night, all the little anglers received their awards - 
 along with the thundering applause of the crowd.


Are you ready for THIS?

Catch a Poagie out of a tank without using your hands. 

Brayden didn't catch the Poagie with his teeth, but did the next best thing:

Is this kid  a winner, or what?

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