Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Beauty of One

It is amazing to think that a whole year has passed since Baby Girl Blakely was born.  So tiny, so helpless, and so loved.  Just look at our little beauty now:

Her Aunt Amy laid bets that she would take her first steps at her Birthday Party, just like her cousin Brayden did, but she was waaaay too busy for that.  Maybe next week.  Meantime, I'll let her tell you about her Big Party...

 Look at all this STUFF!  
And it was 
All for Me!  


Can you believe this?

And it just kept coming and coming.

Sure would like to have 
gotten my hands
 on THAT food...

Tons of people came...everybody was talking and talking!

And then, everybody stood around me and sang.  
  It got away with me so bad that 
I had to put my head down for a minute.

Then my Mom put this Cake 
Right in Front of Me
 and stood back.  
It sure didn't look like Green Beans...or Pears...

Mom never said, "No, no".  Not once.  What??

So I'm telling you,
 I Took The High Dive, right into that cake!  Wow!!

After a Sink Bath, it was time to open presents.
I got lots of Toys, Clothes, Books, a Teddy Bear,
 and my own Beach Chair.
Great STUFF.

But the best part was, 

My Daddy gave me a Sterling Silver Bracelet with a Heart Charm on it.  I simply Love It.  Love it.

I'm real big now...I'm One.

Love you all, and Thanks for coming to my Big Party!


Kimberly Haney said...

This is just the BEST tribute to precious Blakely! Well done, Linda...I smiled all the way through this!

Linda McMullan said...

Kimberly, thanks so much! I have to say, I smiled a lot while I was editing all the photos - there were so many cute ones that I will have to put in a little book for her Mom & Dad...


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