Sunday, April 1, 2012

Azalea Heaven

The Azaleas in our yard are fabulous this year; perhaps because of the mild Winter, or maybe they decided at the annual Azalea Conference that they haven't done such a good job lately, and needed to be looking Really Fly this year to avoid being replaced with Oleanders.  Or Camellias.  

The blooms are so luscious and thick that they look like bright blankets...

When I run my hand across the blooms, they are silky and juicy feeling.  Makes me want to get a big spoon and eat them up.

Our normally shady, plain walkway to the side door now looks simply Royal:

And the front of our house has a ruched collar of tightly scrunched blooms.

They are so glorious that it is hard to spend any time inside, where I need to be working.  I've decided it is okay to roam endlessly around the yard...they have absolutely nailed it this year, and if I don't gulp them down with my eyes and heart, then all their efforts would go unnoticed, for crying out loud. 

Think I'll go on out and take another look...


☆sapphire said...

How beautiful!! Really surprised that your azaleas have been in full bloom! I have only one azalea and it has not yet begun to bloom. It has been very cold this winter.
Your photos are all lovely and the second one is awesome!! "they are silky and juicy feeling" Yes, yes!! Azaleas are fragrant, aren't they? A variety of colors is a delight for the eye and the mind!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Linda McMullan said...

Thanks, Sapphire - they were amazing this year, and bloomed earlier than I ever remember. Perhaps because we had a mild Winter, while you had a cold one? Who knows, but we DID love them!

snowwhite said...

Your azaleas are amazing!! You must have a green thumb. I love your words “or maybe they decided at the annual Azalea Conference”. I have several azaleas in my garden, but they haven’t bloomed like yours. I will show your photos to them, so they will have Azalea Conference. Your house is now the azalea paradise, isn’t it!! I’m sure you won’t be tired of viewing them, rocking in the chair all day long!
Have a great week!

Linda McMullan said...

Keiko, I am so lucky to live where I do - the climate is much the same as Japan, so we have good Winters, hot Summers and lovely Spring and Fall...just perfect for growing things! And you are so right, I NEVER get tired of the Azaleas. Thanks so much for your comment!

Lost in Provence said...

Hi there! I just saw your comment over at Tish's and thought I would pop over to say hello! For some reason your last few posts didn't pop up for me...Stupid blogger!
Hope you are well. :)
Heather from Lost in Arles

Linda McMullan said...

Heather! Hello, hello! So glad you popped over...your blog is on my reading list, so I've been keeping up with your travels, and enjoying every minute and every photo. So good to hear from you!


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