Monday, May 26, 2014

A Report on Surtex and National Stationery Show 2014

I'm bidding a fond farewell to New York City
and heading home with my head packed with images
from the National Stationery Show
and Surtex.

Like this early evening view from my hotel window:

The Shows were beautifully presented.
Hundreds of Exhibitors and throngs of Buyers
created a great upbeat vibe throughout the Javits Center.

The artwork presented was beautiful.

Here is a tiny sampling of what I saw - all images from the artists.
Artwork of Laura Lobdell
Artwork of Sandra Jacobs

Artwork of Diane Kappa

Orange, Dusky Pink, Emerald Green, Blues, Mustard Yellow
and pops of Orchid in shades from Plum to Lavender
were the Colors of the Show.

Cactus and Succulents, cute little Forest Creatures, Vintage Kitchenware,
Paisleys, Plants in Pots, and of course lush Florals
were everywhere.  Tropical motifs, including Flamingos 
were also widely represented.
Lighthouses, Whales, Anchors and Beach Scenes 
caught my eye in some booths,
and of course there were the Seasonal workhorse motifs 
in many booths.

It was a virtual Tidal Wave of art.

By far and away, the National Stationery Show had the largest crowds and the most exhibitors, including a new section of Gifts and Creative & Lifestyle Arts
and another new section for Etsy Wholesalers.

In addition to the lovely booths offering Stationery and other Paper Goods,
there were booths displaying equipment to be used in the creation of all this lovely stuff.

Waste Not Paper was packed with buyers - both retailers and artists.

Janome had a huge booth set up with embroidering machines.
There were paper scoring machines, corner rounders, and foil finishing equipment services.
Software for personalized stationery and Hot Stamping services.

AccuCut had a booth that was hard to get into - they doing a booming business selling their Stationery Die Cutting Machine, the GrandeMARK Roller.
Image courtesy Traci Ambrust of AccuCut...the night before opening.

I jostled my way through numerous paper and stock booths,
looked over the Scotch Brand booth, 
and visited The Gift It section.

Perhaps the most amazing booth was the Hewlett Packard presentation,
where they had latex printers displayed that would print on almost any substrate,
up to Billboard Size!

Bottom line, this is the best Market I've ever attended to bring artists, artisans, agents, equipment and buyers together.

If you are an artist wanting to sell your artwork for application, do yourself a favor
and start saving up now for Surtex 2015 to at least walk the show.
If you have a small business in Stationery, Embroidery, or other hand made product,
the same goes for you.

It is truly worth the price of admission.

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