Monday, September 29, 2014

Swimming in the Milan Spring Summer 2015 Catwalk

Will you just look at this fabulous-ness?
Emilio Pucci for SS 2015.

And this from Stella Jean?

This is serious eye candy, and a sumptuous teaser for the palettes and styles you are going to see in the Spring and Summer of 2015.  

Gorgeous colors and flow-y, drape-y and swish-y styles are going to permeate the landscape of the streets, restaurants, shops and parks next lovely is THAT??

The only thing I love more than layered swish-y fabrics is the sartorial look, which is a great counter point to this look and has a flirty tension all its own...but that post is for later.  Right now, just look at these colours and patterns!

The Milan Catwalk for Spring/Summer 2015 was simply delightful.  
The palettes and patterns presented by some of my  favorite fashion designers 
made me smile out loud.  And I'm utterly delighted that although I had no clue 
what they would present on this September's catwalks, I've apparently been 
swimming in the same pond without knowing it since April.
I had started a new collection based on one of our trips this Spring, 
but was hesitant to finish it out... 
I felt like it was too "Out There" - too Saturated.  Too Landscape-y.  
Now, I can lay those fears to rest and finish those collections with a party in my heart.

Look at Stella Jean's lovely skirt and blouse: 
Stella Jean SS 2015 is my Cottage Porch Collection, started in June of this year.  When I saw Stella Jean's "Houses On a Hill" walking down the catwalk, I nearly 
fell out of my chair with delight!

Now, take a look at this close-up of one of Just Cavalli's dresses:

                                                              And this serving of scrumptiousness from Stella Jean:

Don't you want to go get a big spoon and just 
eat this up??

(In my next life
I am going to be
5'10" and have
gorgeous hands
and a long neck...)  

With these lovely images in my head and heart, how could I NOT be dancing in my studio? 

Now that I've gobbled up this catwalk, 
I can't wait to get my collections finished and 
posted to my Spoonflower shop. 
Lesson learned.  Follow your heart; always follow your heart.

Now, back to working on my new Cavalli Jean Collection!

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