Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Easter Gift To You

Easter is early this year.  
The reason is odd to me - something to do with the first Sunday 
after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.  
And then you have to decide whether to go with 
the astronomical full moon or the ecclesiastical full moon.  

Rather than wade through all that, I look around for big juicy beds of these:

And then I sniff the air to see if I can smell Easter...
it smells like buttercups, organdy dresses, and the inside of a church.

I hear refrains of "He Arose, He Arose, Hallelujah, Christ Arose!"

But then there is something deeper than sight, smell, and sound 
that comes to me every year about this time.  
Something primeval that stirs in me and has to do with 
dirt and stones, creation and windy solitude.  

This year, I found it in the artist Lotte Glob, a Danish Ceramicist 
who lives in the wild Highlands of Scotland, off the Wee Mad Road.

Here is her ceramic
Book of Bones.

And her Book of the Sea.

Her studio sits on about 14 acres of wild hillside, overlooking Loch Shin.

Here is another photo, taken by Steven Fallon, with daisies instead of buttercups...
I'll bet it was taken around Easter time.

Go and wander through her artwork and methods.
She's about as close to primeval creation as it gets.

And that is my Easter gift to you. 

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