Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Stitch In Time For Yeppoon Australia

The 7th Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap is on!

Here's the plan:

Make a Post Card using the theme Create.

Use any materials you want, but put some stitching somewhere.
Then send it to someone you've never met, from another country from where you live.

This is all orchestrated by Beth Nicholls of Do What You Love.
She is an amazing person
who inspires literally thousands of artists around the world on a daily basis.

Include stitching?

Not a problem - I have MULTIPLE sewing machines scattered around.
(Some have collected dust while I dance with the MATS Assignment Bootcamp)

Finding stuff to use is also not a problem...
I have A LOT of fabric, paper, and fringe drops.
Like most artists do.

The decisions of where to put what got harder and harder to make.
I had SO MUCH STUFF I wanted to put on my card
for my new friend in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia.

I finally decided to use it all.
What the heck.  The theme is CREATE, for crying out loud!!
You can't hold back when in CREATE mode.

When she opens the card, she'll see these instructions:

And now, I'm going to go create something while my card is flying to Australia.

And stick it on my refrigerator door.

Off to the studio!

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